St. James in the Days of COVID

In March 2020, most of our ministries moved online. As restrictions began to lessen over the summer and into the autumn, we have moved some of these ministries back in-person, but many of them have remained online as well. Please check out our Weekly Worship page for more information on our worship schedule.

We at St. James are dedicated to keeping everyone safe during these difficult times. As per state mandate, we require facial mask coverings at all times when in the building, and we ask that everyone observed a six-foot physical distance between anyone. If you would like to join us for any in person worship service, please get in touch with us at to register. 

We are currently streaming Morning Prayer services live Sundays at 9:30 on our Facebook page:  

And, in all things, we continue to pray. Please keep the people of St. James in your prayers; please continue to pray for our communities, our ministries, for doctors, nurses, and health-care workers. Pray for those who have COVID, those who have died of the virus, and for their families in their grief, worry, and distress. And give thanks to God for the graces that have been given to us and the new ways that God has pulled us more closely together in these times of need.