Repentance and Love

the Second Sunday of Advent8 December 2019 Today’s readings were:Isaiah 11:1-10Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19Romans 15:4-13Matthew 3:1-12 Click here to access these readings.         This morning we get the story of John the Baptist. Not the whole story – we don’t hear about his later career and how he was killed – but a part of the […]

St. Matthew and Renewal

the first Day of AdventDecember 1st, 2019 Today’s readings are: Isaiah 2:1-5Psalm 122Romans 13:11-14Matthew 24:36-44 Click here to access these readings.         Happy New Year! Well, for the Church anyway. In the secular world, we’ve still got a whole ‘nother month before the end of 2019, but for the Church, our new year begins right […]


Christ the King SundayNovember 24th, 2019 Today’s readings are:Jeremiah 23:1-6Psalm 46Colossians 1:11-20Luke 23:33-43 Click here to access these readings.             Now, I want to do something different this morning for my sermon. Which hurts me a bit, because it’s the last day of Pentecost, which is Christ the King Sunday. This is the Sunday when […]

Living death and beyond

the 23rd Day after PentecostProper 2817 November 2019 Today’s readings are:Malachi 4:1-2aPsalm 982 Thessalonians 3:6-13Luke 21:5-19 Click here to access these readings.         Goodness, those were some grim readings, weren’t they? There’s a bit of fire and brimstone in our readings this morning, and though they were tempered a bit with the beautiful psalm, there […]

Jesus is Alive!

the 22nd day after PentecostProper 2710 November 2019 Today’s readings are:Job 19:23-27aPsalm 17:1-92 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17Luke 20:27-38 Click here to access these readings.         I want you to take out your service bulletins again, even though you probably just stowed them nicely away. Take out your bulletin with all the readings on it, the one […]