Discipleship and Hooks

the Third Sunday after Epiphany26 January 2020 Today’s readings are:Isaiah 9:1-4Psalm 27:1, 5-131 Corinthians 1:10-18Matthew 4:12-23 Click here to access these readings.         I remember hearing today’s gospel reading back when I was in Sunday School as a kid. The call of the disciples, and especially the call of Simon Peter. Here they are casting […]

The Waters of Baptism, the Love of Jesus

The first Sunday of EpiphanyThe Baptism of our Lord12 January 2020 The readings for today are:Isaiah 42:1-9Psalm 29Acts 10:34-43Matthew 3:13-17 Click here to access these readings.         The other day, I was talking to my Evangelical friend about Baptism. Which is kinda appropriate: today we celebrate the Baptism of our Lord, as we read this […]

Be a Blessing

the Second Sunday after Christmas5 January 2020 Today’s readings are:Jeremiah 31:7-14Psalm 84Ephesians 1:3-6, 15-19aLuke 2:41-52 Click here to access these readings.         When you travel abroad, you learn how many things you take for granted (and seriously, no joke, when I was writing this sermon last week, I had just written this sentence when, boom, […]

God’s Name

the First Sunday after Christmas26 December 2019 Today’s readings are:Isaiah 61:10-62:3Psalm 147Galatians 3:23-25; 4:4-7John 1:1-18 Click here to access these readings.         Back when I was interviewing for the job as your priest, someone on the BAC (I think it was Pete, maybe John) asked me, “Do you prefer to be called ‘father’ or ‘reverend’?” […]

Alive with the Light of God

Christmas Eve, 11:0024 December 2019 This evening’s readings are:Isaiah 9:2-7Psalm 96Titus 2:11-14Luke 2:1-20 Click here to access these readings.             So, this is something of a night owl sermon, but I’m assuming that if you’re here for the 11:00 Mass on Christmas Eve, you’re something of a night owl. If you’re a morning person, then […]